Fatri helps candidates complete primary and secondary education

Joining the efforts of MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture) and INEP (National Institute for Educational Studies and Research), the College provides teachers to assist candidates to take the Encceja tests.


The Keppe & Pacheco Trilogical Colleges decided to provide teachers to help candidates to take the Encceja tests, promoted by INEP for young people and adults who were not able to finish primary and secondary education at the appropriate ages (at least 15 years for the elementary school, and 18 years for high school).
The didactic material for elementary and high school is offered to students free of charge by INEP – Anísio Teixeira National Institute for Educational Studies and Research, a federal agency linked to the Ministry of Education (MEC). And FATRI, joining this effort to contribute to the educational, cultural, economic and social development of the country, will offer classes with its teachers to assist the candidates in their journey.

Next Encceja tests will be held on August 25, with registrations until May 31, 2019.