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New Physics and Technology Keppe Motor

The foundations of the award-winning technology of efficient resonant motors

New Physics and
Keppe Motor Technology

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Education and Pedagogy

Awareness is the fundamental tool for an effective Education

Education and Pedagogy

Educate is to lead the individual to know himself
Awareness is the real Education


Solutions for the energy crisis and the preservation of the Earth


A comprehensive scientific approach to saving the planet
Solutions for the energy crisis and the preservation of the Earth

Integral Psychoanalysis

Keppe's interdisciplinary science in the treatment of psychic, individual and social pathologies

Integral Psychoanalysis

Keppe developed his interdisciplinary science based on his in-depth clinical experience and studies in the field of psychopathology, psychoanalysis (main German Schools), social science, philosophy and theology.


In-depth study of the pathology of society, the economy and laws


The treatment of social pathology
In-depth study of the pathology of society, the economy and laws

Arts and Communication

The benefits of the Arts for personal and professional development

Arts and Communication

Aesthetics is the foundation of all civilization


The work with the psychic interior of the human being, boosting your 'inner pharmacy'


Treating the human being integrally: body and soul as one energetic only

Spirituality and Theology

True spirituality, in the light of the Analytical Trilogy, uniting Science, Philosophy and Theology

Spirituality and Theology

The union of integral psychoanalysis with the theological field
Approach to true spirituality, in the light of the Analytical Trilogy, which unifies Science, Philosophy and Theology

Language Center

Norberto Keppe's therapeutic psycholinguistic method

Language Center

Teaching therapy: innovation in learning new languages

A College in Brazil for All Peoples!

in partnership with Keppe & Pacheco Trilogical College

To study at Keppe & Pacheco Trilogical College is to internationalize, with prospects of living and working with people of different nationalities.

Courses and reading groups for the English-speaking

Find out what is the Analytical Trilogy: in 8 languages

Proton Publishing House

PROTON is the Official Publisher of Keppe & Pacheco Trilogical College.
Since 1977, publishing the works of Analytical Trilogy, Norberto Keppe’s School of Thought, the basis of our College.
More than two thousand four hundred works published in 9 languages, including books, scientific magazines, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, didactic and technological publishings.
PHOTO: Graduate Center in São Paulo

Liberation of the People

The Pathology of the Power

By Norberto Keppe

Essential reading for anyone interested in contributing to a just and balanced society.

Liberation of the People

by Norberto Keppe

Essential reading for anyone interested in contributing to a just and balanced society.

Area of Knowledge • New physics and Keppe Motor technology

New Technology for a New World

Keppe Motor technology is internationally awarded for its high energy efficiency, contributing as one of the main solutions to reverse the current process of destruction of the planet.

The Keppe Motor is a highly efficient engine, developed in 2008 by Brazilian engineer-scientists Cesar Soós, Roberto Frascari and Alexandre Frascari, which uses the principle of electromagnetic-mechanical resonance to optimize its efficiency through the supply of “Resonant Current” (RC). For this reason, it starts a new branch in the classification of electric motors, which are generally divided into Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) motors.

It gets its name because it was developed according to innovative principles that emerged from the research of scientist Norberto Keppe on the metaphysical bases of physics, which he calls “disinverted bases”, and exposed in his work The New Physics of Disinverted Metaphysics, written in 1996, in France.
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The human being needs to distinguish scalar (essential) from negative (harmful) energies.

#tecnologic innovation

Our Method

FATRI is the only College in the world to use the innovative and exclusive trilogical therapeutic method, created by the Brazilian psychoanalyst and social scientist, Norberto Keppe. Our method is based on more than 50 years of clinical studies, being tested and scientifically proven to be a more efficient learning process. Know more
AUTHOR: Rafael Sanzio

AUTHOR: Eduardo Catinari

Disinverting the Human Being and Society


Em 27 de março de 2024, a FATRI recebeu o Prêmio ‘Ponte para o Trabalho’ do CIEE (Centro de Integração Empresa-Escola), com o qual ela realiza parceria no direcionamento do estágio de seus alunos.
A petição pela declaração do Quinto Dogma Mariano reúne todas as pessoas que desejam se juntar a uma comunidade global que busca inspiração na figura da Virgem Maria para fomentar um diálogo intercultural e inter-religioso pela paz e sustentabilidade do planeta.

Inversion is the replacement of good, beautiful and true values by materialism, lack of ethics and social exclusion.

AUTHOR: Carlos Moccagatta

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