The Keppe & Pacheco Association

Promote the disinversion of humanity through the awareness of psycho-socio-pathology

The Keppe & Pacheco Association

The Keppe & Pacheco Association has its begginings 39 years ago when Dr. Norberto Keppe and Dr. Claudia B. S Pacheco established in São Paulo, a scientific and cultural society in order to alleviate the suffering of human beings, promoting research and the practice of Psycho-Socio-Integral Therapy, covering the fields of science, philosophy, theology and the arts.

Its ideal is to create conditions for the formation of a new society, healthier, more balanced and evolved, where the human being can have an existence more in accordance with its Essence, which is Good, Beautiful and True.

Our mission

To promote the disinversion of humanity through the conscientization of psycho-socio-pathology, aiming to rescue the goodness, the truth and the beauty that are its true essence. For this purpose, it uses the science of Analytical Trilogy, created by psychoanalyst Norberto Keppe.

Our Values


An Inverted attitude is the substitution of good, beautiful and true values for materialism, lack of ethics and social exclusion - thus encouraging the psycho-socio-pathological process.


A true science must be universally applicable, regardless of race, religion, gender and nationality.


We will only reach sanity through the conscientization of Psycho-Socio-Pathology (human and social errors).


A true science must be in accordance with a real philosophy and these, in turn, in accordance with an authentic spirituality; we call this work Analytical Trilogy.


Analytical Trilogy considers human beings in an integral way, valuing their feeling, thought and action. The spiritualized human being is the conscious human being that his essence and existence depend on his relationship with the Divine Being.


The human being is only free to do what is good, beautiful and true, for himself and for his fellow man.


The planet is big enough for everyone to work and develop with equal rights.


The fundamental mistake of Physics is in the identification of energy with matter. Energy is the beginning and center of all reality. This inversion led to the deviation of all other sciences.

Organizações que se desenvolveram com os princípios da Trilogia Analítica.

Sendo que apenas algumas possuem vínculo legal com a AKP.

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