Keppe’s Therapy Certification:

Psycho-Socio Pathology

E-learning only


In this program, we treat individual and social problems from a deep understanding of psychosocial (and largely inconscientized) inversion, analyzing the situations that prevent human beings from working and living together in balanced and constructive ways.

Through coming to understand the inner problems of the human being (psychopathology), the student will explore how individuals project this inner pathology outward, thereby generating most of humanity’s social conflicts (socio pathology). This post-graduate course prepares students to become socio-therapists and reach their maximum potential of health, achievement and quality of life. This transformation, which occurs from the inside out, also deeply impacts their work, affectionate and cultural environments.


Clinical Theology

Specialization Post-Graduate Course


The Clinical Theology postgraduate course aims to provide the latest techniques from Keppe’s leading edge science of Integral Psychoanalysis to professionals who treat the human soul, allowing theology to be applied in psychotherapy.

Theology united with philosophy and science provides an extensive view of human, social and spiritual problems while offering comprehensive and practical solutions. This union of theology and psychanalysis helps to integrated the divine into society.
We will study the causes, interrelationship and treatment of psychological, physical, social and spiritual disease.

This course:

  • Conscientizes professionals about the enormous possibilities for personal fulfillment and improved health and provides training for social transformation leaders to use consciousness as a tool for conflict resolution;

  • Demonstrates how spiritual life (Psyche) influences both individuals and society;

  • Provides specific skills and knowledge for those who work with:

    •spiritual counseling;

    •treatment of psycho-physical diseases;
    •conflict management in groups, families, workplaces and religious groups;
    •relationship counseling;
    •addiction treatment

English Communication Management

Trilogical Psycholinguistic Method


This course is designed for any student seeking to develop their English communication skills through the knowledge of the causes of the internal psychological and emotional difficulties that impede their progress.

Through an in-depth study of the foundations of the science of Analytical Trilogy, the course features theoretical and practical language classes and workshops that equip students to identify the causes of blockages and internal conflicts towards learning while instilling the requisite tools for dealing with these problems.

This a course specifically designed for those who desire to improve their English language skills while also incorporating the fundamentals of the trilogical therapeutic method that has been successfully employed for over 20 years at Millennium Language Institute, the language center of the Keppe & Pacheco Trilogical College, and applying those leading edge skills in their personal and professional lives.

Only Millennium Language Institute is able to offer its students three benefits at the same time for the same monthly investment: English training, a postgraduate degree and therapy!



Leadership & Management:

Intercultural Studies


Conducted in English, this course prepares social change agents to help solve conflicts, develop leadership strategies and manage people, businesses and sustainable environments.

The course features theoretical classes and practical workshops that help develop effective leaders that are skilled in understanding and dealing with the inconscientized emotions, intentions and values that have a negative impact on personal and professional activities.

The course is intended for those who are looking to improve their work environments and professional and personal lives. The skills learned here will help innovative leaders to motivate and influence people and society in an ethical and positive way.