Environmental Management

Technologist Program – 2 years

This course will train Environmental Managers to meet the challenges of the future. The program features landmark disciplines such as Keppean Conflict Management along with the highly innovative and energy efficient Keppe Motor technology, which integrates Keppe’s New Physics and Tesla’s theories. The Keppe Motor has received awards and prizes worldwide, including the Grand Prize at the 17th Hong Kong Electronics Industry Association (HKEIA) trade show in 2015 for Outstanding Innovation & Tecnology Product, the Gold Award at the HKEIA 2015 for Energy Efficiency, the Silver Award at the Global Leap Awards 2016 in San Francisco and the 2017 Power Prize for Technological Innovation, in Brazil. The Keppe Motor has received patents from the United States, the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong and Mexico.

This cutting edge course features a focus on entrepreneurship, preparing students to develop and work with Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), the fastest growing business sector in the world.

Graduates will also be prepared to produce and manage environmental education programs that raise public awareness of environmental conservation and sustainability issues. They will be able to provide environmental business consulting and develop environmental preservation projects in the public or private sector.

This is a highly therapeutic and practical course that integrates the three areas that enable professionals to manage environmental issues and sustainable development: the environment, the humanities and technological innovation.

The course is designed for anyone with a desire to help preserve our planet, implement solutions to reduce consumption and improve the quality of life through a deep understanding of the root causes (psycho-socio pathology) that lead human beings to destroy the planet and separate from the Creator and His Creation.

Our world is experiencing serious environmental problems that affect air, water, soil, animals, plants and people, along with extensive economic, social and political issues and a serious energy crisis. Keppe says, “These are symptoms of a humanity that is psychologically ill, leading to the organization of an equally pathological society that makes nature sick as a consequence. The roots of this great evil are inside both the human being and his social laws and this must be conscientized so the process of destruction can be controlled. It is from this knowledge that all other problems can be corrected,” (Stop the Destruction of the World, Lisbon, 1993).

The Environmental Management course will meet the regional demand for professionals in companies with the capability of implementing the requirements of ISO certifications and environmental laws as well as developing environmental impact assessment reports and sustainability projects. In the public service, environmental managers can design, implement and monitor public environmental policies and act in environmental recovery projects.


Baccalaureate – 3 years

This is the only non-confessional Clinical Theology course in the world focused on interpersonal, interreligious and intercultural conflict management training with an emphasis on psycho-socio-spiritual pathology, psychosomatic medicine, self-knowledge, Keppe’s New Physics and the Divine in society.

The course unifies the disciplines of the arts, philosophy and science with the aim of studying the human relationship with God and all related problems. An understanding of the Psyche (soul) is one of the cutting edge objectives of this program, and human society is increasingly more distant from its Creator, resulting in the dramatic negative effects evident on the planet today.

Visual Arts

Baccalaureate – 3 years

The Visual Arts course of the Keppe & Pacheco Trilogical College integrates studies of the diverse disciplines of graphic design, painting, sculpture, street art, media production and drawing, among others.

This course is highly innovative in applying the New Physics and the study of energy to the arts. It stimulates the student by offering a transdisciplinary approach to music, theater, literature and cinema, with the unprecedented trilogical mission of promoting awareness of the consciousness of beauty and the beauty of consciousness.

Students will also be equipped to work in the fundamental areas for competent professionals of the new millennium, specifically practices of conflict management, the basics of Keppe’s New Physics and entrepreneurship. This will enable them to integrate their artistic productions into economic and social life.